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Photography & Videography

Taking photos and videos with drones?
How do I do it?

Taking photos and videos is perhaps the most fun application of the drone! Drones offer a completely different view of the world than you normally capture with a normal camera. As a photographer, taking pictures of recognisable locations from the air creates a new form of artistry. 

Just like with normal photography, you have to take into account the 'basic rules' of photography when taking photographs with a drone. A few examples are:

  • Make a good composition
  • Set the right ISO value
  • Shoot in RAW

Of course there are many more things to consider as a drone photographer. To help you make the best use of a drone for photography and video, Drone Flight Academy offers an online course!


Want to get the most out of your drone in terms of photography and videography? Then take a look at our training course!


Drone Flight Shield


£ 74,99

(incl. VAT)

For who?

  • Hobby photographers and private individuals
  • Pilots with little or no experience in photography

Practical information

  • Online course
  • On average 6-8 hours self-study
  • Certificate of participation
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