Expert Drone Pilot

The Expert Drone Pilot training course focuses on the use of drones of up to 25kg for safety and security, and inspection purposes. After successfully completing this course, you will be awarded the DJI UTC Inspection certificate and will have covered the details of how to use a drone for the inspections of buildings, infrastructure and agricultural applications. The course will also equip you, in your role as a pilot, to implement the safety objectives of municipalities and emergency services such as the fire and police services and rescue companies.

Using drones (RPAS) of up to 25kg for safety and security and for inspection purposes

  • Implementing the safety objectives of municipalities and emergency services (fire and police services, rescue companies and motoring organisations).
  • Inspecting buildings, infrastructure and agricultural applications


  • Maximum 120 metres height and 500 metres distance
  • Minimum 50 metres distance from roads, buildings and people
  • Exemptions possible for flying height/distance of RPAS from obstacles and flying within CTRs
  • Drone up to 25kg flying below VLOS in H category. 


  • In-depth knowledge of meteorology, legislation and regulations and navigation. 
  • Theoretical knowledge of cartography, volume measurement and inspections
  • Operational procedures for drones of up to 25kg 
  • All the theory relating to practical applications


  • Flying a drone safely
  • Flying in VLOS 
  • Carrying out manoeuvres near roads, buildings and people
  • Selecting the proper equipment, flight plans and cartography sequence
  • Risk-analysis and risk-limiting measures
  • Using the latest technology and hardware
  • Thermal imaging and real-time analysis
  • Cartography using oblique and nadir images
  • Diverse inspections
  • Collaborating with sensor operators and other team members
  • RTK functions
  • Analysing flight information using 2D and 3D mapping software 
  • DJI Go4 and DJI Pilot apps


  • Operational RPA-L licence (apply with your diploma to the ILT)
  • Recognised by the Transport and Logistics Inspectorate 
  • DJI UTC Inspection Certificate 
  • Course developed in collaboration with DJI's UTC programme

Practical information

  • Duration: 
    • Option 1, RPA-L + UTC Inspection: 13-day course, costing €7,500 excluding VAT
    • Option 2, UTC Inspection (for participants not requiring an RPA-L): 10-day course, costing €5,350 excluding VAT
    • Option 3, UTC Inspection (for participants with a RPA-L licence): 6-day course, costing €4,500 excluding VAT
  • Examination: theory and practical exams via ILT (included in the price)
  • Location: Twente (EHTW)
  • Participants: maximum 15 
  • Included: Learning materials, training drones, tea/coffee and lunch

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