Basic Drone Pilot

Professional Flying of Mini-Drones (RPAS) of up to 4kg

Private and fledgling commercial drone users who want to fly better, smarter and safer. Companies and organisations who want to keep within the regulations when making use of drones. And also photographers and camera operators who want to take pictures from a new dimension. You will be awarded the ROC-Light certificate after successfully completing the Basic Drone Pilot training.


  • Drone in pilot’s line of sight (VLOS)
  • Maximum 50 metres height and 100 metres distance 
  • Minimum 50 metres horizontal distance from roads, buildings and people


  • Basic knowledge, meteorology, legal rules and regulations, navigation and 'fit to fly'. 
  • Operational procedures for drones of up to 4kg


  • Setting up a safe flight operation
  • Basic flying skills are put into practice

 Optional: Film & Photography

  • 5-day course combining theory and practice
  • Specific skills needed for photography and filming with a drone 
  • Recommended for both amateur and professional photographers and camera operators 
  • Course developed in collaboration with DJI's UTC programme 


  • ROC-Light 
  • Recognised by the Transport and Logistics Inspectorate
  • Optional: DJI UTC Aerial Photography Certificate

 Practical information

  • Duration: 1 day theory and 1/2 day practice
  • Examination: administered by the Drone Flight Academy
  • Diploma: ROC-Light, awarded within 3 working days after the course
  • Location: Hoofddorp, Twente (EHTW) and/or Valkenburg (EHVB)
  • Participants: 15 maximum 
  • Included: Learning materials, training drones, tea/coffee and lunch
  • Cost: €900 excluding Film & Photography and VAT
  • Additional Film & Photography: €1,775 excluding VAT
  • Combined Basic Drone Pilot + Film & Photography: €2,200 excluding VAT.

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