Advanced Drone Pilot

Professional Flying of Drones of up to 25 kg.

The Advanced Drone Pilot training course is aimed at private and commercial drone users who have to carry out flights which fall into the higher risk categories. You will be awarded the RPA-L certificate after successfully completing the Advanced Drone Pilot training course and will be able to carry out flights authorised by an ROC. The training course is mandatory for the use of drones of more than 4kg.


  • Maximum 120 metres height and 500 metres distance
  • Minimum 50 metres horizontal distance from roads, buildings and people
  • Exemptions possible for flying height/distance of RPAS from obstacles and flying within CTRs
  • Drone up to 25kg flying below VLOS in H category.
  • Drone in pilot’s line of sight (VLOS)


  • In-depth knowledge of meteorology, legislation and regulations, navigation and 'fit to fly'.
  • Operational procedures for drones of up to 25kg


  • Setting up a safe flight operation
  • As well as the basics, extra skills, such as ATTI mode, are trained
  • Emergency procedures
  • Flying in VLOS


  • RPA-L licence (apply with your diploma to the ILT)
  • Recognised by the Transport and Logistics Inspectorate

Practical information

  • Duration: 3 days theory and 2 days practice 
  • Examination: theoretical and practical exam 
  • Location: Hoofddorp/Valkenburg (EHVB) and/or Twente (EHTW) 
  • Participants: 15 maximum 
  • Included: Learning materials, training drones, tea/coffee and lunch
  • Cost: €3,500 excluding ILT licence application, LAPL medical examination and VAT

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