Release the drone pilot in yourself !

Our ambition is to train every drone owner to be a drone pilot! We teach you how to use your drone in the very best way possible, realising your personal dreams while keeping to the regulations. Just think of it: the best shot during your holiday; analysing a sporting competition; your next career move into the industrial or festival sectors; or simply because drones are fantastic. We know you have it in you, and it’s our job to bring out the drone pilot inside you!

Flying a drone is aviation

You are part of the aviation sector when you fly your drone. There are many other users active in the sector; there are other drones, recreational aircraft, small and large planes and emergency-services helicopters. Drone owners really have to become drone pilots. This means that as well as learning flying skills you have to acquire the proper knowledge and the appropriate licence or permit.

The legal rules and regulations are an important part of our training courses. After successful completion of our courses, you receive an official certificate with which you can apply to the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) for your licence.  

Drone Flight Academy

The Drone Flight Academy is part of the Drone Flight Company. Our company focuses on businesses which want to use drones so as to improve the efficiency, but more especially the safety, of the work they do every day. The Academy allows use to realise this ambition, by turning every drone owner into a drone pilot, with the right training and proper licence or permit.  

Our courses have been developed by our team of experts and are officially recognised by the Transport and Logistics Inspectorate.  

Drone Flight Academy

Drone Flight Academy develops and organizes trainings, educational programs and workshops that focus on safe and responsible drone flying.